was founded with one goal: be the platform health communities are built on.

Our mission is to help ambitious practitioners build communities that help facilitate health success and business growth.

People are remarkable — and our current health system is underserving them. We are dedicating ourselves to tackling health problems at a different scale. We need to experiment and create new systems. Systems that give practitioners the tools they need to help people take charge of their health. Where people learn to take a shared responsibility towards health, not ignore it. Where community, accountability, interaction and measurable impact are the pillars of modern preventative care.

If we’re going to push humanity forward, we need to recognize and support ambitious health leaders — practitioners that blaze their own trails, follow their passions, and think differently. We need more practitioners pursuing new, non-standard paths.

This is the challenge we’re solving at

We are a super motivated team who want to help people take charge of their health. We envision a world where we all collectively strive to be healthy and have the tools to do so.

Our first product enables ambitious health leaders to build interest-based communities designed for health. People can join communities tied to their health interests (think: Flexiblity & Movement, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Mental Health), participate in a cohort-based course that aligns with those interests and participate in a collaborative health experience.

Not only do members of these communities get access to experts — like lessons on movement from an Orthopedic Surgeon — but they also experience a space designed for health success.

Meaningful progress toward our vision will take time. The system we have today is broken. For the next few years, we’ll be laser-focused on giving health leaders everything they need to drive the best health outcomes for everyone.

We’re on a mission to build something ambitious health leaders deserve. Offering an accessible, world-class platform to thousands of health leaders is one of the most powerful things technology can do — and by doing so, we can empower future generations of health leaders to pave the way to truly decentralized health.

We value


To build trust there needs to be an understanding regarding the importance of transparency and accountability for promoting health and well-being.


Accessibility to community engagement initiatives must be considered and should be as universal as possible, eliminating any form of barrier to participation.

Communication, collaboration and partnerships

By creating partnerships, building networks and establishing long-term relationships, community engagement initiatives can profit from sustainability and effectiveness. Incorporating these factors at an early stage of implementation will ensure maximum impact.